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Experienced in BMW for over 10 years!

About Our Shop

At Borderland Euro, our factory-trained auto techs work to provide quality work and outstanding customer service. No more having to deal with inexperienced shops and  rude secretaries, we can assure honest and good work by our techs and a thorough breakdown of events  by our highly experienced service advisor. Unlike any other local shop, we pay attention to the little details and will advise you on all findings based solely on priority and not cost. We will also recommend time frames for maintenance that are custom tailored to your vehicle. 

We strive to build great relationships with all of our customers, not only by treating you like one of our own during your visit, but by installing high quality, OEM or German after-market parts; But most importantly, we want to assure you the correct and skillful  installation of any replacements. 

About the Owner-Head Tech

Sean Tealer is the brain behind Borderland Euro, he is our shop owner and head technician. With over 10 years of experience under his belt, his passion for BMW is what makes him the mechanical genius that he is. He was fortunate enough to have attended several factory training courses around the country, bringing back a lot of the knowledge needed to work on these luxury vehicles. He makes sure to oversee, and of course take part in, most day to day repairs, making sure that everything is done correctly.  


About Our Service Advisor

Roy Tealer is the face of Borderland Euro, you will more than likely be striking up a conversation with him every time you bring your car in. With over 10 years of service advisor experience, but over 30 years of customer service background, it is an honor to call him a part of our team. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to these vehicles, and will stop at nothing to make sure you have the clearest understanding of what needs to be done to your vehicle. 

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